AUSION: Handheld mobility aid for visually impaired is designed with end user’s perspective. It’s compact, ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to operate. Please read detailed Instruction Manual ( covered in other document) and undergo specified mobility training with Ausion before using Ausion for your daily mobility requirements. Here is quick reference guide to operate AUSION.

Key Confirmation Tune
Power ON Press Main Key for 1 Sec Power On Tune
1 m Range Main Key Once confirmation tune Once
2 m Range Main Key Twice confirmation tune Twice
3 m Range Main Key Thrice confirmation tune Thrice
Change Mode Aux Key Once
Volume Up Volume Up Key
Volume Down Volume Down Key unique confirmation tune
Power OFF Press Main Switch for 1 Sec Power OFF Tune

Quick Reference Guide

Keys and Parts



Functions At a Glance

Power ON

Press the MAIN Button for at least 1 second. Release the key once you start hearing the Power ON Tune.

Power OFF

Press the MAIN Button for at least 1 second. Release the key once you start hearing the Power OFF Tune.

Range Select

Your AUSION can operate in 3 range settings – 1 meter, 2 meters and 3 meters.

Select 1 Meter Range            : Press the MAIN Button once. You will get a confirmation tune once.

Select 2 Meters Range : Press the MAIN Button twice. You will get the confirmation tune twice.

Select 3 Meters Range : Press the MAIN Button thrice. You will get the confirmation tune thrice.

Mode Select

Your AUSION can operate in 2 different feedback modes – Continuous and Discrete. You can select either of them by pressing the AUX Key once. The modes toggle for every press of the AUX Key. You will get a unique confirmation tune.

Sound Level

Press the Volume Up / Down buttons to increase or decrease the sound level respectively.


  • Ergonomic, compact, lightweight, handheld unit
  • Selectable range 1 / 2 / 3 meters (upto 1.5 m for soft objects (people or animals))
  • Easy to use: Two Keys for Distance Range / User Feedback Mode selection
  • Unique tonal colors corresponding to object distances
  • Continuous and Discrete modes of audible feedback
  • Low cost of ownership (Ultra low power consumption)
  • Audible feedback through earphone
  • Size: Length x Width x Height 100 mm x 50 mm x 25 mm
  • Weight :   95 grams
  • Operating temperature: 0° to 35° C
  • Battery:   Standard 9V 6F22

User Manual      – (Attached Separately)