URead : Book Reader for Visually Impaired

Useful    Simple    Affordable

URead is an innovative, simple to use Book Reader for the visually impaired. It provides the visually impaired user with a listening experience, of printed matter, using naturally sounding voices.

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URead: Quick Reference Guide



Nomenclature & Keypad Button Details

1 O – Power ON/OFF 2 Y – Save Work
3 + (Plus) 4 – (Minus)
5 C 6 A
7 B 8 DN (Down)
9 UP 10 X
11 Scan Area 12 Sensor Arm
13 Book Holder 14 AC Mains ON/OFF Switch
15 AC Inlet 16 USB Socket

Quick Reference

Power ON

  • Connect Power cord to AC Supply
  • Toggle Mains Power switch to ON position. RED LED COMES ON
  • Press O Button for approximately 1 to 2 secs, until the GREEN LED comes ON
  • Wait approximately 30 seconds for ON tune and announcement
  • URead is ready for use
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  • Compact and Standalone Desktop model
  • Scan and read with the touch of a button
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  1. How is URead powered ON?

You need to connect the unit to any standard 230V AC outlet and put the switch on the left hand side of URead to ON. You then need to press the ON button on the keyboard for about 1 second to start the reader. Refer to User Manual.

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