Your AUSION comes packaged in a box with other accessories.
Exercise caution while opening the box. The box contains the AUSION main unit, an earphone, a wrist band and a battery. Your AUSION comes with the battery pre-installed.

Ausion-EarPh Ear Phone : It is a standard stereo earphone with 3.5 mm jack. You are advised to plug in the earphone into only one of your ears and not in both. This helps you in monitoring the sounds in the environment surrounding you.
Ausion-Wrist-Band Wrist Band : It is attached to your AUSION and is wrapped around your wrist in order to securely hold AUSION in place. It prevents any accidental slipping from your hand.
Ausion-Battery Battery: It is a standard 9 Volts non chargeable battery. While installing the battery install with the correct polarity. Do not attempt to charge the battery. It may explode and cause an explosion.